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    21 ways to strategise and innovate is a cross-domain set of critical questions, checklists and examples from all over the world to help you innovate better and faster by using cross-industry insights and ideas.


  • What is a 21 ways set?

    21 ways to strategise and innovate is a cross-industry set of critical questions, checklists and examples from all over the world to help you innovate.


    21 ways sets provide cross-industry inspiration for: product and service ideas, product development, process and service innovations, government innovations, business model innovation new business development and defining strategic directions.


    Based on a client’s question, we extract important trends, successful innovations, principles or evolutions. The list of 21 principles differs per question.


    21 ways sets are useful in individual or group brainstorms, in new business development and strategy sessions.


    Combining the input with an interactive engaging presentation and/or workshop clearly helps to come up with new connections, great ideas and enriched concepts.


    Jump start your innovation efforts with a custom 21 ways set!


  • A selection of happy clients


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  • Some example questions !?

    How can we innovate more sustainably in the packaging sector?


    Which new business models are possible in the field of insurance?


    How can we manage a complex company with small self-managing teams?


    What can we learn from other sectors for more sustainable and affordable housing in the rental private sector?


    Find cross-industry examples of successful partnerships that can be applied in the retail sector.


    Which trends and disruptive innovations will impact our industry in the near future?


    How can we accelerate time to market in our highly regulated industry?


    We want to innovate in the field of the SDGs, what can we do?


    How can we digitize our traditional sector / company?




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    Download an example set



    Most of our reserach for specific client questions is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), yet here is one we can share!


    Note that this is just an -old- example and that we generate the 11 / 21 directions per client situation. Yet the set gives a nice overview of how a 21 ways set works.

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    7 or 11 ways set

    the core research

    digital set

    Basic research

    Cool cross-industry examples

    Interactive PDF


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    21 ways set

    the expanded research

    physical & digital set

    Advanced research

    Cool cross-industry examples

    Physical booklet + interactive PDF

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    21 ways set + workshop / keynote

    expanded research & session

    physical & digital set + workshop

    A full 21 ways set

    Physical & digital

    A tailored workshop / keynote

  • Who we are

    The people behind cross-industry research

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    Ramon Vullings

    Ramon Vullings is an expert on cross-industry innovation & business transformation. He is an ideaDJ, mixing ideas cross sectors and domains.


    Ramon helps companies to take a smarter approach to innovation: cross-industry innovation, he does this via keynotes, research & workshops.


    Ramon is also author on 4 books on business creativity & cross-industry innovation.

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    Marc Heleven

    Marc Heleven is a cross-industry expert, professional web searcher for innovation inspiration, co-author 'Not invented here: cross-industry innovation'.


    Marc is also Slideshare Keynote Author, workshop & training facilitator and ideaVJ.


    Marc has delivered over 700+ websearches for clients.

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